december 03, 2007

Coolt julkort

Christmas Card (With a warning)

Fick mitt första julkort idag. Från en flickr-kontakt i Tyskland, Mariola. Med det hemgjorda kortet innehållande bilder på mig (!), fanns också en fin berättelse så här i (nästan), jultider.

Little Horny Angel:

In the heaven above was a little horny Angel. Now this Angel had been naughty, very naughty. And was going to be sent down to earth as a penalty. The angel would have to stay until it had learned it's lesson. Now this little angel had to fix it's thorn to get re-born. The Horny Angel decided to go to the heart of all evil. The angel flew down to the bad-est part of Amsterdam. In the middle of the red light district, where all the horny ladies are. The angel went from door to door, hoping to help someone. But to the angels astonishment all was great in the red-light? The angel found that they helped people to be happy, release built up pressure inside that would explode normally, and hurt someone. So the little angel flew back up to see the main man and tell him all. The main man listened and took note, but now it was his call. Well little horny angel, I see a lot of pressure inside this heaven. The little horny angel said: ‘that's all sorted I open at seven‘.

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