augusti 02, 2006

Fanpop ock quickr pickr

Jag hittade en site idag för flickranvändare som heter fanpop. Där fanns en grej som heter quickr pickr. Ett verktyg för att på ett enkelt sätt blogga en eller som i detta lilla test flera bilder. Fyll bara i ditt användarnamn och en tag så genereras quickr pickr html-texten åt dig.

Case closed!
The last peace of the puzzle, a butterfly at the stairs at Bergdalen. Spring has definitely arrived!

Resting on the railing
Just sitting there. At the veranda at Bergdalen in the sunshine.

Warm and sunny in Tungelsta today, a bit windy, this guy wasnt to bothered.

A bit unsharp. Not much I could do about that. The butterfly took off. Took this at home at the flower bed at my door.

A Vitgräsfjäril
I don't know what it is, a Lasiommata megera maybe? Sitting there on a window at Danuta's place. I was helping them with a computer thingy when I noticed the butterfly.

Butterfly and a flower
In my back garden again, going macro.

A butterfly in my back garden.

Small Tortoiseshell
Or Nässelfjäril as we like to call them.

Silver-washed Fritillary
Going macro in my back garden. This is a Silverstreckad pärlemorfjäril.

Yellow Ladybug :)
I was shooting a few photos of this butterfly on a field in stav outside Tungelsta,( it's a aphantopus hyperantus). When I opened the photo in Picasa I notised the ladybug hence the title!

Peacock Butterfly
Closing in on a butterfly. We call it a Påfågelsöga.

Going macro in my back garden again. Wanna see this type of butterfly from another angle?

A peacock butterfly in my back garden. Macro photography is becoming another obsession!

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