juni 04, 2005

Lifecycle of bloggers

Single, wacky, Korean American gal with a penchant for whimsy and fuzzy slippers. She is often described by her friends as goofy, caring, occasionally anal retentive, insanely romantic, giddy, borderline scandalous, neurotically charming, and motherly. She is often described by strangers as curious, approachable, and kind. She is often described by her family as affectionate, troublesome, stubborn, and highly sensitive. By some of her readers, she is described as articulate, expressive, and humorous. She describes herself as a flat-chested,kimchi-squatting, freak-magnet, of a girl who is always wrestling with the challenge of greater self-actualization and personal/spiritual development. She is only sometimes described by her ex-boyfriends as a bitch.

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